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Excel 2010 Sharing

I am using a Microsoft Excel 2010 file (*.xlsm) and I have it saved as a shared file.  I used the "Protect & Share Workbook" feature and entered a password.  If I choose "Unprotect Shared Workbook" you are required to enter my password to do that.  However, inevitably the file loses it's "Protected & Shared" status without ANY USER INTERVENTION!  Why is this happening?

The file is used by myself and only one or two other people, none of which would know the password I have entered.  It has to be shared in case more then one of us have to be in it (making changes) at the same time.  Please help!  I am a long-time Excel user, but am new to Excel 2010.
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Not the answer that you're looking for, but my advice is to stay far, far away from sharing workbooks.  Even in Excel 2010 this feature leaves workbooks vulnerable to corruption, not to mention that many Excel features are not available when workbooks are shared.

If you really need multiple users to edit the file at the same time, then I recommend using a database product instead (even Access offers excellent multi-user support), or possible SharePoint/Excel services.
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You are right, not the answer I'm looking for.
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