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access vba change command button backcolor

I've read many FAQS and cannot seem to make a simple event occur.  I'm trying to change the backcolor of a button on click.  I've tried:
1)  Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = RGB(224, 224, 184)
2)  Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = &HAFDCCD
3)  Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = vbRed
4)  Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = 7405514 - which errors
5)  Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = #A7DA4E

I'm really going for green but it doesn't matter which color is above, or even which method - the button won't change color on click (or on form open).  Full code looks like this:
Private Sub cmd_aCks_Click()
    Me.cmd_aCks.BackColor = RGB(224, 224, 184)
End Sub

Oh, BTW above code fails but THE CODE BELOW WORKS (even if it isn't what I want to change)!
Private Sub cmd_aCks_Click()
    Me.cmd_aCks.ForeColor = RGB(224, 224, 184)
End Sub
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That worked.  Thanks very much.
" Unfortunately, you can't change the back color of a command button."