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HTC Wildfire S wifi problem


Im experiencing wifi problems with 2 HTC Wildfire S smartphones. When i connect them to the wifi here it connects and the signal is excellent. But when i try to open a internet page it tells me that the page cannong be found. I tested the phones on an other AP somewhere else en it was working fine there.

They where using a Thompson ST780i WL. I tryed to update the firmware but the device crashed during the upgrade.

Installed a Draytek Vigor120 Annex B. Used a Devolo av200 Wireless N. Internet is working on Iphone 4S, Ipad, Nokia E72 and all laptops. When i try to connect the HTC Wildfire S phones im getting the same error message.

I thought that this could be a DNS problem so i changed the DNS in the Devolo AP in but this doesn't solve the problem.

Is there anyone else whos 'sknown with this problem of does somebody have a solution for me?
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check that they are not using a static ip address but a dynamic one..
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Problem was fixed when i replaced the router for a new one.