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Exchange accepting email from 2 different domains and delivering to the same user - question


Current scenario:

We have a domain named We use Postini to filter traffic and the MX records are configured in the zone to point to Postini, then Postini routes email traffic to our CAS servers.

We are trying to acomplish the following:

1.) A group of our users are going to have to use a new domain name instead of the

2.) They will need to get their email delivered through and while the is gradually decomissioned. The email delivery will last for 30 days and while this is happening we want to configure an automatic reply back from the system with a message that informs about the email change to the and instructing them to send to the new domain instead of the old.  

3.) Exchange users will have to send email with the domain instead of the domain and they will continue to receive email on domain for 30 days.


What needs to be done in order to get #2 and #3 configured?
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What is the version of Exchange here ?
Are you renaming Domain or simplying adding a new address just for receiving emails ?

- Rancy
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Exchange 2010 SP2 - All the users belong to the same AD domain. No renames we just want to use different SMTP domains.
So as said you will have to have an Accepted Domain and also the same Domain name added to the MX and any Firewall rule.

Then have the smae to a EMail policy and applied to the set of users with a Filter rule.

- Rancy
If i were you I'd simply add a disclaimer line on every email that is sent out stating that our new email address is and would be phased out on 31st Dec (sort of)

This is a transport rule that you'll need to create.

You shouldn't resort to automatic responses - since that'll be inviting unnecessary attention of spammers and lead to more chaos, and trust me you don't want to walk that path.

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I guess the part that I am not quite understanding is needs to be done in order for the users to send with the new instead of

I totally understand you're thought process where in you want to ensure that folks who are emailing you should continue to serve emails to your new domain.

You might look towards setting up inbox rules to automatically respond to emails that are delivered to them with the response

"Thanks for sending us an email,
we request you to send an email next time to instead of
Thanks and Regards,
Department of IT"

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Thanks for you reply. What I am saying is that I need the users to send emails and reply to  emails with the new domain instead of the old domain.

For example: (new domain) (old domain)

the user needs to receive in both domains but reply back to any emails as

How do I get that configured?
That's simple, you'll need to add a new email address policy that'll have as primary and as secondary, make this new policy as default.

So, users will receive emails for both but they reply with only.

Oh and don't forget to add as a new accepted domain.

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