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Setting up Samba domain verification across different subnets


My company recently expanded to a different floor in our office building. The network on that floor is on a different subnet than the one on the previous floor. However, all the shared drives people will need access to are on the original floor. We're using a Samba domain at the moment and I'm uncertain how to set things up so that machines on the new floor's subnet can join the domain here on the original one.

I've been told I can open up port 445 but for security reasons I'd prefer not to. I've also been advised to set up a WINS or NetBIOS server that can work with Samba to accomplish this. Problem is, I'm not very familiar with Samba; I know a little about setting up WINS and NetBIOS but I'm not sure how to proceed on using it to authenticate for Samba.

So, how do I accomplish this? Is there an easy workaround or do I actually need to set up a WINS/NetBIOS thing? Be advised that if you choose to answer the second question, I'll be working with three technologies that are somewhat unfamiliar to me -- so I'll need things completely spelled out for me like I'm a six-year-old.
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