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Sharing Outlook 2010 Calendar

Is there a limit to the number of users I can share my Outlook 2012 Calendar with?
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It depends on how you are sharing your calendar and what environment your are in. If you are in an Exhange 2010 environment your IT department may well set Exchange policies to ensure your calendar, appart from  personal items is visible to all users. In this environment there are no limits on how many users you can add.

If you are using a non-exhcnage based calendar then its probably stored in a PST file and can't be shared with others....
There is no limit to the number of users you can share your calendar with

However, suspecting this question may be raised due to an issue with someone accessing the shared calendar

There is a "Limit" to the number of shared calendars a user can view at any single time

The maximum number of open/viewed shared calendars is directly realted to the users screen size or resolution

If someone has many shared calendars already open in a single view
and is trying to also view your shared calendar

If their window is already full, they may not see it

they may have to close other shared calendars or simply open just your calendar to view it.

If they require all other calendars to be open while viewing yours, they  may need to increase their screen resolution and or get a larger monitor
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Thanks to all who has responded.  Will go the route of creating a group and giving permissions via the group and go from there.