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I am trying to read values sent as part of the headers to my classic asp page.

I've created an xmlhttp object with: set xmlHttp = createobject("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
but can't figure out how to specify which header variable to retrieve.

I've tried:
if xmlhttp.getResponseHeader("SMSSent")<>"" then

but this generates an error.
Is there another method to retrieve this info.

Thank you,

Dave Tucker
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Michel Plungjan
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Yes, but how to do it within ASP so that after data received, I can post to database.
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Sorry for the confusion.  I was led in a number of different directions when Googleing this subject a few days ago.  The most likely was  - xmlhttp.getResponseHeader("SMSSent")  - requesting a specific value assigned to a server variable "SMSSent".  However, this only generated an error.

Since then I've spoken to the company sending the data and they assured me that when they said that all data was sent as part of the "headers", they were actually "submitting" their page to me so that I only had to do a request.form("SMSSent") to retrieve the value.  This proved to be true, so I guess that the original question is now moot.

Thanks for your assistance,

Dave Tucker