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Hoe to set a default value for my populated dropwownlist


How can I set the default value for my populated dropdownlist from my dataset.

I populate my dropdownlist from my dataset, and then I need to set the default value to "South Africa"

            DropDownList_Country.DataSource = outputDS.Tables(0)
            DropDownList_Country.DataTextField = outputDS.Tables(0).Columns("country_name").ColumnName.ToString()
            DropDownList_Country.DataValueField = outputDS.Tables(0).Columns("country_code").ColumnName.ToString()

            For i = 0 To DropDownList_Country.Items.Count - 1
                If ComboWanted Then
                    DropDownList_Country.Items(i).Attributes.Add(i, outputDS.Tables(0).Rows(i).ToString())

                End If

            'we need to set the default to sa

How can I set the value to "South Africa" after it is populated?

Thank you
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Jerry Miller
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