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Remote web workplace - vmware


Question:  Best way to get remote users on the cloud using applications as before.

Additional info:

We are a CPA firm attempting to move to the cloud...  We are currently using earthlink.  So far I have been able to configure our cloud server through vmware vcloud director.  Server 2008R2.  I can log into the virtual server as administrator.

I think I have a handle on installing our app's on the virtual server; however, I am struggling with the concept of how to get our users access to these applications....  In our current server 2003 environment, the application is installed on the server....  and there is a "workstation" install that is performed on the users local machine....  This allows the user to run the application, and access the sql database on the server for data.

Not sure how to accomplish the above in a virtual environment....  I talked to support at earthlink, and I was told I need to install "Remote web workplace"....  I was able to download an article from Microsoft/Technet on enabling and configuring the remote web workplace; however, I am stumbling at the outset with this article.

I someone could give me a little hand holding on this it would be most appreciated.

Thanks in advance,
Rick Norris
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Rick Norris


Thanks NassimJD....  I've done further research and you are right; however, I still need help...

Regardless of the technology used, I need to be able to have the following end result:

End user from any internet connection, anywhere, obtains a login screen, and then is able to run server based applications....

User is NOT logged directly into the server.

Reason for above is that the server based applications are multi user.  The application will not run as a stand alone application directly from the server.  And even if it were possible to run as a single user, we do NOT want end users to have direct access to our server.

Also, as a reminder, we have just initialted a moved to a cloud based server with VMWare.  The provider of the service is Earthlink.

At the current time, we are still running our local 2003 server; however, we would like to migrate all our applications to the cloud if we can get above details worked out.

Any suggestions as to how to accomplish above is greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Rick Norris
Hey Rick , I am gonna give the knowledge that I have but I have not played around that cloud much but the idea is similar to the java web services that we provide to our clients.

have you installed your virtual machine on the cloud?

Have you gotten a real IP(public) address for logging on for management?talk to your Earthlink provider for this

Most likely your application will have a web interface if not (your cloud director should give you on) check and see if that is gonna be open on port 80 so your end user would browse like
if using SSL (for security) then your app will run on port 443

It is possible to use other ports, example 8080 or 8081 , etc... so your end user will type

definitely the end user should not log on to your cloud director (do all your tests first)

optionally: You need to talk to you provider to get a dns name resolved for that ip_address, depending on your contract, you might have to pay more. When done your end user would type
Thanks for the reply NassimJD.
YES, our virtual server Is installed....  and yes, I have a REAL ip(Public) for logging onto the virtual server.

Not sure about your comment...  "Most likely your application will have a web interface if not (your could director should give you one)...."

I am the one tasked with the vCloud Director responsibilities...  All our applications are just designed to run on a server.... not web based....

Something else has happened since I posted my question....  I have been able to set up a site to site VPN that will help when my people are in the office; however, it will not solve my problem for a remote user......  And having the remote user do RDP to their local machine.... and then go to the cloud will not work....  Most of the guys that would need to work remotely have laptops that they use as their primary device.... even while in the office!

At this point I am awarding you the points....  You actually answered my original question by telling me I cannot use the initial technology which I inquired.

I am posting a followup question, and after I have the link....  I will post it here....  I hope you will continue the discussion in the new question.

Thanks in advance for your assistance.

Rick Norris
My friend Rick, I am not concerned with the points , don`t worry about that, I am trying to help you out and also learn a new technology, cloud based apps.

Thanks, I am searching for something to help you out.

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where is the new question. I am still new to the interface and usually get lost jumping between topics.

Link to the new question.

Thanks in advance.

Rick Norris