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How do I enter a processed string into an adobe acrobat form field.

In a textbox field on an adobe form, I would like to remove a leading character and some trailing characters from the string entered before storing it in the field.  For example, I the string entered is =ABCDE00, I would only like to store ABCDE in the field.  How do I do this? I have tried this code, triggered by the format event, but it does not work.

var d = this.getField("DIN Entry");
var a = "";
a = d.rawValue.subString(2,5);
d.rawValue = a;
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What development environment are you using?
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Adobe Acrobat 9 Pro.  I also have the Adobe Acrobat 9 SDK.  I am running on Windows XP.  I am not at my computer so I cannot tell you the version of JavaScript.
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It did work.  Thanks.