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Directed Cell Reference

I'll have four separate sheets in the workbook. The first sheet will contain a table of 100 rows in which column A will be the row identifier("Store#1", "Store#2, ect) and column B will indicate which of sheets 2-4 have an image associated with that row. Sheets 2-4 will have a png displaying a chart from a different data source for each of the rows in the table on Sheet 1. As an example, Sheet 2 would have 20 PNGs, Sheet 3 30 PNGs and Sheet 4 50 PNGs. So that each sheet does not have all 100 images, but between the three sheets, each row in the table has an image in one of the three sheets.

Rather than having the client have to manually switch to a different sheet and then scroll down through 50 different images looking for the correct image for the client, I'm wondering if there is a way to make the text or cell in column A an active link to the upper left cell that the image is on in sheets 2-4. This would cause the client to be automatically moved to the appropriate sheet/cell to display the chart when the client clicked on the text or column A of the row in the table on sheet 1.

If there is a way to do this in excel without using VBA that would be prefered so the file can remain an xlsx. If necessary I can use VBA, but am hoping to avoid it since the client prefers XLSX documents.
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Jeez, talk about a brain fart. For some reason I was thinking of a hyperlink only in the context of it opening a linked web page in a browser. Thanks for the assist. I think it's time for lunch.

Yeah, when I'm used to dealing with a sub-set of the functionality, it can be tough keeping the remaining functionality "front of mind".