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How to get an RSS feed to display on a page hosted by GoDaddy

I recently moved my site to GoDaddy. An RSS feed on my home page  worked fine on my other server, but now I get an error ("MM_XSLTransform(); error opening ") shows up on the page instead of the feed posts. I have contacted GoDaddy, but was told it was probably an error in the code and not something GoDaddy could fix.

I made no changes to the code, I just uploaded the entire site to the GoDaddy server, so I don't know what might have gone wrong. I have seen the same issue mentioned here before but never saw an adequate answer to the problem. One person said GoDaddy was able to fix something on their end, but GoDaddy was not cooperating with me on the issue.

I moved the site to GoDaddy after my other hosting server went down for several hours and I no longer felt comfortable hosting the site with them.
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Thank you for your answer,

It is PHP and I believe it is on a Linux server. I will contact GoDaddy and see it they will enable the php_xslt functionality. I have removed the call to the feed from the page, but have a link to the actual blog so it the solution suggested does not work, we can live with the reduced functionality.

I suspect it would be good to figure out an alternative display method, since the tech support at GoDaddy said a good number of customers do have RSS feeds on their sites.
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