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Indesign error when printing HELP

Hello we get this error when printing, we usually get this message at end of printing we are missing some files during merge we know this, but now it stops at certain record and does not continue dynamic printing

A problem occurred during Production.

Print Production
One or more warnings have been issued.
 All messages will be reported at the end of production.

Print Production
One or more graphic assets are missing. Below is the list of
missing asset(s), followed by a list of the record(s) in which they appear.
Asset(s): 1867203_8.jpg, 1867203_9.jpg, 1869272_7.jpg, 1869272_8.jpg, 1869272_9.jpg, 1920301_8.jpg, 1920301_9.jpg, 2039390_6.jpg, 2039390_7.jpg, 2039390_8.jpg, 2039390_9.jpg, 2048972_7.jpg, 2048972_8.jpg, 2048972_9.jpg, 2048998_7.jpg, 2048998_8.jpg, 2048998_9.jpg, 2049089_6.jpg, 2049089_7.jpg, 2049089_8.jpg, 2049089_9.jpg, 2049092_6.jpg, 2049092_7.jpg, 2049092_8.jpg, 2049092_9.jpg, 2049990_6.jpg, 2049990_7.jpg, 2049990_8.jpg, 2049990_9.jpg, 2049991_6.jpg, 2049991_7.jpg, 2049991_8.jpg, 2049991_9.jpg, 2049999_9.jpg, 2050088_5.jpg, 2050088_6.jpg, 2050088_7.jpg, 2050088_8.jpg, 2050088_9.jpg, 2050092_5.jpg, 2050092_6.jpg, 2050092_7.jpg, 2050092_8.jpg, 2050092_9.jpg, 2050101_7.jpg, 2050101_8.jpg, 2050101_9.jpg, 2050107_7.jpg, 2050107_8.jpg, 2050107_9.jpg, 2050194_9.jpg, 2059471_9.jpg, 2059690_7.jpg, 2059690_8.jpg, 2059690_9.jpg, 2059692_7.jpg, 2059692_8.jpg, 2059692_9.jpg, 2062045_7.jpg, 2062045_8.jpg, 2062045_9.jpg, 2085907_7.jpg, 2085907_8.jpg, 2085907_9.jpg, 2151447_9.jpg, 2151461_9.jpg, 2164105_8.jpg, 2164105_9.jpg.
Record(s): 4, 11, 12, 24, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 46, 48, 49.
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It may be related to R.I.P, (  raster image processor.) it's not rest in peace :)
I can't really troubleshoot  R.I.P printing issues either but when you understand vector graphics and printers, printers do prefer PDF.
What format are the missing images?
It may be the printers are getting outdated don't have post script translation.
PostScript printers, for example, have a raster image processor (RIP) that performs the translation within the printer.
 In their vector form, therefore, graphics representations can potentially be output on any device, with any resolution, and at any size.
All PostScript printers contain a RIP that converts the PostScript commands into bit-mapped pages that the printer can output.
What Is Postscript? What Does It Have to Do With My Printer?
Do you use OPI comments to call the "missing images in to the combined Postscript?

you may need to check that button ( just a wild guess). You might just need to restart your Printing computer and the RIp computer.

Good luck

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We are doing a text/image merge

We are creating jpg's images out of it

Are we on the same page ? im also new to Indesign

>Do you use OPI comments to call the "missing images in to the combined Postscript?

Where do we find that ?
There are a few things you could do to get closer to solving this kind of a trouble.

1. Check your Preflight Panel for issues in the file and try to resolve as much as you can before printing. Missing images, overset text, color space and more.

2. Try to see if you can export a pdf file from this InDesign file. If in luck, use the pdf file to print. This method moves the ripping before printing instead of letting the printer take care of it.

3. Very often issues can be solved by exporting the file as IDML (if using ID 5+) or INX if you are using ID CS4 or less. When exported do: Open in ID to open the IDML file and it will open it as a InDesign document.

You don't have to try this in the order I put it here. You could as well start with 3. It's a harmless and often very effective method of cleaning up a problem file.
Here are some tips for managing assets (images you place in an InDesign file):

This is what you might not be doing that would help: use File > Package to pull together the InDesign file and all the linked images (and fonts, if you want) into a single folder structure.

As Siguram suggested  use File > Preflight and check the links and images to make sure that when you want to print the file, that the program knows where all the images are. (I agree with the suggestion to make a PDF to print from, too)

Thank you, we did a preflight, corrected all errors

Relink datasource (text file this time to make sure excel is not causing the error)

Do a dynamic print again, stops at same record #63 ?

Export to PDF did works but creates only 1 pdf flyer

We need to create 2000 jpgs merging txt and images

work out what is wrong with this file (correct image type, corruption,overset text,etc)
Isn't the file huge? As one more idea to find the culprit would be to split the file into two or even more sections to isolate the problem.

Another idea is simply to print the file in sections, say 99-250 or even smaller portions.
Yes we have fixed any possible errors, except the missing images in the excel/txt doing the merge

we dont have a way yet to read only the missing images

In ID on the image field if we go edit rules - which might possible be a solution not to read the file if doesn't exists ? anyone knows how to create this rule for not to merge when the image doesnt exists ?

@sigurarm= We deleted the record giving error, and continues to find more. File is 2000 records
Yes we have fixed any possible errors, except the missing images in the excel/txt doing the merge

we dont have a way yet to read only the missing images

If I understand this quote you also have images in the excel file that are missing, is this correct?
Are you doing Data Merge with pictures in InDesign from Excel?
Yes correct to both last questions
Ok! Good to know.

When you have set which data file you are going to use, the Excel file, have you checked the Preview for those records which are failing?
And checked possible misspellings in the Excel records for those same records?
Yes we are able to preview the record failing navigating on ID/xmpie

misspellings  ?
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Thank you, we tried all above. Never found the solution, we gave up for now.
Maybe you have already tried, but if not, spilt the excel file into smaller files and try each one. Possibly that would isolate the problem and even pass most of the records.