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Add single image to page created by query

I have a page created by a query:

click on link

As you can see it displays links to a number of  nodes of a particular content type. They are filtered by a taxonomy term.

How can I add a single image to the left of the links?  The default image of the content type concerned would be fine or perhaps I could add it to a template. Sorry, I am not an expert.
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Hagay Mandel
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It seems, that this page is the outcome of a view made by views module.
If so, do the following:

Add a file field to the taxonomy term (the field that will contain the image / icon).
Edit the View, select this field, and rearrange the fields so it will be the first field.
Display every thing inline.
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Thanks for quick reply.
Yes, I have done that but the image does not appear.   Is this because there could be different images selected for different articles?  Think they are all the same and anyway the default image is set to a particular image which I would like to use.
Yes, I have done that but the image does not appear

You did what?
Have you added a file field to each of the taxonomy terms?
This will be in: admin/structure/taxonomy/YOUR_TERM/fields
Sorry, I had stupidly added an image field to the content type.
Have now added an image field (with a default image) to the Directory (it looks as though you cannot add an image field to the terms.
How can you add this field to the view?
D7 / D6?
As said: admin/structure/taxonomy/YOUR_TERM/fields (YOUR_TERM = the taxonomy term):
- Add a file field for each taxonomy term.
- Afterwards, edit each term. and load an image / icon accordingly.
- In the view, select that field ,position it as the first field, and make sure all fields (icon , term & count) will be displayed inline.
Have now added images to each term but I can't find the field in the view.
Contextual Filters is set to Content: Has Taxonomy Term ID and the view displays all the term links but I cannot find the image field (called Article Term image in the term edit form) in the list displayed when I click on fields/add in the view.
I think it should be under 'image'
You're perfectly right. It is.
But the image does not display. Have added the field, set it as inline and moved it to the top of the fields.
Make sure the image is selected (to be displayed) in the format settings (the settings for the inline row-display)
The settings for "Exclude from Display" seem to be under the field settings but the tickbox for this setting is not ticked. It still doesn't display.
Wonder if it could be due to the fact that the image is set as the default image for this field?
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Yes, the mistake I've made is not to include the taxonomy term images (I included the image from the content type).
But, how do I do this.   There are several possible fields:
Content: all Taxonomy Terms
Taxonomy Term: Name
Taxonomy Term: Term description
Taxonomy Term: Term edit link
Taxonomy Term: Term ID
Taxonomy Term: Weight
and then various Taxonomy Vocabulary fields.
There are no Taxonomy image fields listed.

but I cannot find anything containing icon, term and count.
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Hagay Mandel
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NOW realise the mistake I made. Created an image field in the taxonomy directory rather than a file field. Sorry for this. Thanks for all your help.