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Java Application Using SWT - PDF Printing

I have a Java application that is built of SWT.  In my application I allow my users to create a PDF File from their selected data.  This all works great.  Now I need some way to allow the users to Print out the PDF.  I have looked at so much open source PDF projects.

SWT PrintDialog

I can not figure out how to make any of them work.  Right now I am trying to use PDFRenderer in my code.  Seems like PDFRenderer likes AWT/SWING, but I can not figure out how to Bridge SWT and SWING.  I have read over the tutorial on how to do it a couple of times with no luck.  

Main GUI SWT Dialog
   Component - Print Button
       new PrintClass().printFile(String Filename);

Print Class
      open a printDialog for printer selection - which is AWT
           system goes unresponsive with Thread error

Not sure how to fix it.  Should the whole method printFile be a component?
Is there a way to run the printFile on its own thread indepentent of the parent SWT Dialog?

This is a example of all I need for this issue to me resolved.

User selects a PDF Filename from my TableViewer - Done
User clicks a Print selected PDF button at the bottom of the table - Done
A Print Dialog opens - ?
The user is allowed to select a local printer and select printer attributes(copies) - ?
Then the printer prints the selected PDF File?

I have coded such much incomplete code, I have gotten lost.  

Can someone please, please help me with this.  I need to have this working soon and I am not finding much help.  

If you had a SWT application and needed to print existing PDF Files to a local printer -
How would you do it?????

Please show any example code you can
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Yes - I do like the SWT PrintDialog.
But I have not Idea how to print a Existing PDF File using the dialog.  I have goggled and goggled looking for code to show me how to do it.
You need to open the PDF first and then you print it through the print dialogue:
I would much appreciate it, if you could show or direct me to a example of code.

Thanks Very Much
I am not sure how you can do it, I have never used SWT so I am not familiar with the graphic components SWT uses. But there is a project that you can use and integrate it with your own application, if you have a look at the source code you can take some ideas:

(you will have to download the library in order to run the example on the second link)