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Data replication across servers


We have an application running on Windows 2008 Server virtualised. Generally, we have two data centers per country, one active and one for DR.

The application we're running needs to replicate some files, in real time, to its DR partner such that if we ever needed to shut down one datacenter we could almost immediately bring up the server in the DR site.

This data that needs to be replicated are small, application specific files.

I normally use Robocopy for file copying, but the file copying in this instance needs to be running continuously

Does anyone have any ideas? We can look to replicate the data either on the application file level or I believe VMware has a method to replicate the VM itself across data centers?
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Thanks, I will take a look. Do I take it you recommend DT over VMware Replication? Any reason?
You state:-

replicated are small, application specific files.

I think you requirements are to replicate the application, and not the VM?

So why replicate the entire VM?

Doube Take Availaibility is better at Application replication, because it replicates inside the VM, at the OS and Application Layer.

VMware replicates the entire VM, which can mean, lengthy replication cycles, more data across the WAN, so you need to experiement with how fast your WAN link is for replication.

your options:-

1.replicate the entire VM, every X minutes, which does account for incrementals, but also OS is changing as well. - VMware Replication

2. Just replcate the application or data files - Double Take Availability
Thanks I was also looking from a cost perspective. I assume VMware replication has no extra cost if we already have the VM infra in place, whereas DT is expensive?
VMware Replication is now free, but it depends on what license you have. It was originally part of Site Recovery Manager.

You could also use Veeam Backup and Replication v6.5.