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Distinct Result from 2 tables having Multiple Ids

Hi I have a Situation where in I have to get Distinct Result set from 2 Tables having Multiple Id's. I have my Table structures along with sample data and the Query that I have wrote are
attached as a sql File

POS_ID is Common In Both tables(dbo.Facility (15 Rows) and dbo.FacilityComplexProjMeasure (17 Rows)), I have to write a query where in I should get Distinct Resultset from both the tables
and with the query I wrote it is returning 33 Rows where in I have to get only 31 rows.

I have Inserted the result from my query into a table dbo.ActualResultSet and the data sample for the desired result set in dbo.DesiredResultSet.

The Only issue with the Result set is, I want to restrict ID's 31 and 32 from the Actual Result set.

Is there a way I can get unique result set from the query
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Haver Ramirez

your data is correct, if you see the attached file, the 3 last rows are different, and in desired result, this lines are in only one, this is not possible, because the 3 lines are different for real
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With this way, i have got the desired result that I am expecting to see