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PowerPoint 2013 - modifying recording timings

I have recorded the timings on a slide show. Where are these timings held?
Reason: I have 1 or 2 mouse click events I want to slightly tweak, without it affecting the rest of the timings - and without having to re-do the recording.

Thanks experts!
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Thanks Irog,
That's very useful. That will help adjust a general lagging on audio/video (eg. when I put an audio file on 'play across all slides' and do timing clicks against that, it is often a few seconds out of synch either way)

Is there a similar thing where I can see/modify the timing on individual mouse clicks?
I'm not sure I follow.  Are you referring to timing for the custom animations within the text of a single slide.  For instance, the speed at which text flies in?
I should have explained.
My slide show has, on each slide, some text flying in, shapes fading in/fading out - timed with the narrative (an audio file playing across all slides). If the action is slightly off I'd like to correct it.
If you click on the Animation tab and select Custom Animation in the Animations section towards the left of the ribbon, a pane will appear on the right showing you the various animations for that particular slide.  You can Right-Click on each item and there are two options you can play with.  Timing and Show Advance Timeline.
If you mean Animations Pane (I'm using PowerPoint 2010 and 2013) I can right click and I have the Effect Options/Timing dialog window. None of the data there refer to when the click was made.

It has duration. But this is the speed of the entrance/exit. There is delay, but it is 0. It is on click. There is no 'at what time position the click was made in the recording' to review or modify :(

Surely, PPT must record it somewhere so it can replay the slideshow as when recorded?
Thanks for looking Irog.
Did you try the Show Advance Timeline option?  You can drag the line inside the timeline to change the timing of each one and then click on Play at the bottom of the pane to see its effect.
Yes, I have the Advanced Timeline showing. I know what you mean. When I create animations on a slide I used to use that a lot - each one After Previous, drag the duration/delay etc.

When you have all your actions 'on click' and 'record the timing' (in time with the narrative that's pre-recorded and playing across all slides) that pane has all the on click actions as 'on click'. It does not show when the click was made, or rather, when PowerPoint has recorded as when the click was made - the thing I want to slightly modify :(
Hmm, it's too bad Powerpoint doesn't incorporate a timeline just as you would find in Windows Movie Maker (or other similar video editor) where you can get into the nitty gritty details and make small adjustments.  The only thing I can think of is to save the powerpoint as a video so that you can edit it in a video editor.  In case you're up to this, here's a link:
Yes, thanks Irog.
My workflow is PowerPoint 2013 > Video MP4 > Camtasia 8 (where I add screen recordings and callouts, and audio track) - adjusting the PPT on that is easier as with Camtasia 8 now I can move clips.

I was hoping that I can fix it in PPT itself :(

I'll leave this question open in case someone has an insight into it.
From 2010 you can add bookmarks to the inserted video and use these to accurately trigger animations.
JSRW, I'm not inserting videos to the PPT slide show. Just exporting as MP4 and using it in a Camtasia 8 production. But thanks.
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Thanks JSRW!

I solved it with your help here

To recap - Shyam's add-in did not work with PowerPoint 2010 or 2013. But I managed to tweak the code you gave me on that thread.
I'd forgotten that!
I have awarded IrogSinta 50% of the points for taking the time to help me. I re-posted the question and had it solved with help from JSRWilson (See link).

There's a related question here, for anyone with the same need ... (thanks JSRW!)