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Exchange 2010 - Moving Mailboxes - Best Practices question

Greetings.  Exchange 2010/SP2/RU4.  I created 4 new databases and have been moving mailboxes to them over the past few days.  The backup naturally takes forever because thousands of transaction logs are being generated (as expected) and the old database continues to get backed up along with the newly moved mailboxes.  I moved the last of the mailboxes today.

My question is this:  I'd like to finally get rid of the old database, which is essentially 140GB of whitespace now, instead of backing it up once again.  Is it advisable to do so before the next backup ?  The disconnected old mailboxes have all been deleted.  I'm thinking in a disaster (knock on wood) I would recover into the new database anyway, yes ?

Thanks much.
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Thanks. I am aware of the arbitration mailbox(es).  So other than that, you'd say I'm good to go deleting the old database ?
yes nothing to worry about if it empty
Thanks for the confirmation.  Moved two arbitration mailboxes, disabled one, deleted old database successfully.

These are useful as well:
Good afternoon, Moderator.  If you read my question, it asks if it's advisable to delete the old database before the next backup. The answer deals with the necessity to delete the arbitration mailbox(es) first.  It sort of implies that it's ok to delete the database *before* a final backup, but that was simply inferred by me. Also, a one line shell-script with a non-specific answer does not justify an "A" grade.  I am appreciate of the response and it steered me in the right direction, but it did not merit an "A" in my opinion.

Akhater does have more than 4,000,000 Expert points which I immensely respect, so if he objects, I will be happy to change the grade to an "A".
@lapavoni thanks a lot for taking the time to write this. I do not object at all on the grade, I was just wanted to know where I fell short of A in your opinion.

thanks again