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Attaching esata drive to a currently running openfiler setup

Hi Team,

   Not sure which forum to post this on, but I have a currently running openfiler setup....not sure how to check the version from the GUI or command line but it shows Linux openfiler when i type uname -a on the command line.

   My concern is that this setup is being used as a VM datastore by multiple EXSI hosts and I'm unable to shut it down to add an external drive which is esata.

  I was wondering if I can just directly connect the esata drive and hopefully openfiler will recognize the new drive on the fly and I can create mount points and shares on it?  This way I don't have to reboot the box.

  Thanks for any help.
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Hi hanccocka,

   The controller(s) on the server (it's just a re-purposed IBM Thinkstation) is sata, and there are two drives mounted on it at the moment.  So the e-sata on the back of the workstation may be on the same or different controller...not sure.
Hi All,

 I did get the chance to connect the eSATA live...since it was a weekend and there would have be no impact to a stalled sata bus....for some reason, the openfiler OS recognized the new drive immediately /dev/sdc.  It then became a quick step to design the volume groups, volumes  LUN  --> iscsi target mapping, etc.

 It's been 4 days and everything is openfiler may play nicely with eSATA.  However, having said that, I would not recommend a hot plug in a production environment and go by the suggestion of hanccocka to shutdown the gui and do any hardware connects/disconnects while the box is off.