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Making my hyperlink friendlier

Hi !


I have an Access 2010 database for managing horses (!). Standard stuff like Name,DOB, Parentage etc.

There is also a hyperlink in the master table form.  If the user clicks this hyperlink then an external spreadsheet will be opened showing all the horses race results.

So the hyperlink might be C:\users\JohnP\Horses\NedTheHorse\Races

However, the average user does NOT think in terms of back slashes etc.  This is not a very friendly naming convention.

Question: Within Windows 7, is it possible to have folders DISPLAYED in the old style DOS format - i.e. showing the backslash etc.??

If this was the case then the user could simply cut and paste the folder name.

Point To Note:
In Access 2010, click file, click Options, Click General.  Note that the default database folders are displayed in the format I want.
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David Johnson, CD
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hyperlinks usually follow this format

sample hyperlink
<a href = "C:\users\JohnP\Horses\NedTheHorse\Races" Race Results />

Open in new window

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I did not make my question clear.
In fact my heading is misleading!

My question is NOT how to make a hyperlink friendlier.
I guess, it is how to make windows 7 display a hyperlink clearer.

So, at present, in Windows, I click various folders until I find the file I want.
However, when I have found my file, I cannot see the PATH at all.
E.g. I cannot see C:\users\JohnP\Horses etc

Can I change any Windows 7 setting so it will be easier to see the PATH in this format.

I hope that is clearer!
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David Johnson, CD
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Got it !

I love the video concept too.
I use it a lot myself and it is so much simpler than writing it all out.

I am toying with the idea of buying Camtasia which is a great product ... but a little pricey!