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Vendor Tagging on DHCP for Siemens hipath, How?


Installed a new Siemens Hipath 4000 system and running well, Now what im trying to is automate the deployment of phones (previously as we were only testing a handful i manually configured them)

What i want is to deploy the vlan ID and the hipath service IP to the phones automatically

Were using the phones inbuilt switch as a pass through also for the PC, So i have my switch configured for the Voice VLAN (tagged) and the data VLAN (untragged) across all ports of the switch

As i said, manually configured, it works well, so i know all my VLANS and routing are OK

Looking at the following
 it states, the phone boots onto the native vlan (being the untagged) gets its vendor specidifc tag, and reboots, in theory if configured will download the new vlan ID and hipath server ID

In my scenario, as a test, my data VLAN is 10, and my voice VLAN is 25

How do io set the option code to insert my VLAN ID and the Siemens server ID???

Here is my current option 43, I think its right so far
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Normally the voice VLAN tag id does not need to be signalled via DHCP - most phones will take that signalling from LLDP (or CDP for a pure cisco network). LLDP is configured on the switch, and the phone takes the voice vlan id from the LLDP negotiation when the ethernet port starts up.
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LLDP would be nice, but some vendors (like in this case) just don't support it.

What do you use as a DHCP server? Windows, Linux, some router?
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Required a deplyment server from Siemens also