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Can WAMP be installed on an external drive connected by USB

I have WAMP installed on my C drive, my primary OS drive,  but I'm beginning to run out of space so I am considering installing WAMP server on my E drive, an external drive connected by USB.

My plan is to install, transfer all files from within the c:/wamp/www directory over to the e:/wamp/www directory.  Once transfered, uninstall WAMP from the C drive.

Is this advisable?
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Dave Baldwin
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Probably not.  I just installed a fresh copy of WAMP on a USB flash drive at E:\.  It worked ok until I had to reboot.  Then it didn't get found right away.  That's a problem because 'wampmanager.exe' is supposed to run as a service at boot time to bring WAMP back up and it didn't do that because 'wampmanager.exe' is on the USB Flash drive.  That didn't come back up until I clicked on the generic icon to restart WAMP.
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Hi David, thanks for you thoughts.
Since I'm using WAMP to only test php/mysql apps I'm working on, the need to run it at boot time is not necessary.  In fact I don't keep it running at all unless I happen to be working on web pages.  My real concern is if putting it on an external drive will foul up accessing the drive or or foul up my primary OS on c://.  If it works fine but doesn't boot up until the generic icon is clicked that wouldn't be a problem.
Except for the problem noted above, it can be placed anywhere. It doesn't have to be in c:\wamp
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Dave Baldwin
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Dave, thanks for you input.  Think I've got a pretty good idea of the next step.  I'm going to close this out, and appreciate the help.
leave the wamp installation where it is, and only move the data to your external drive. beware that drive numbering is not static in windows, so if you leave an usb key plugged in, your e drive may easily become f after a reboot.

you can change the data directory as a whole or for a specific site/alias/vhost (whatever you use or call them), or you can also link folders in c:\WAMP\www to your external drive.

it is much more advisable as removing the drive will not crash either your apache installation or the machine

if you also have huge databases, you may also be consider moving mysql data to some other place. i will not recommend any procedure for moving mysql data to an external drive because i'm 100% sure it is a bad idea in any possible setup.

for the same reason, a complete wamp setup on an external drive will very likely result in apache and mysql random crashes, possibly the host crashing as well, and most likely data loss in mysql if you unplug the drive unwisely
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