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HP Pavilion dv6t-7000 upgraded with seagate momentus xt ST750LX003, can't install Win 7.

I had to re-install windows and wanted ultimate so I used one of my MSDN copies. I am able to compelte the installation but at the very end I get an error reading: "Windows 7 can not install on this hardware." Or something to that effect, I don't remember the exact wording. There have been no hardware changes to this laptop since it was shipped. The Seagate HHD is  less common and uses a larger sector so I'm guessing that is the issue. Seagate, however, does not have any drivers available for that model, just two manuals. Despite it being one of their upgrade options, HP has no relevant drivers on their site either.

Any help would be appreciated.

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how is the setting in the bios?  try IDE setting, or compatible
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I've never seen BIOS quite as bad as the one my laptop has. It's called Insyde H20 and it barely contains any options. I can't find any real information online for how to unlock all the "hidden" (or non existent?) options every other BIOS has.

Plus, what would that have to do with this? It is able to get though the first part of the installation, copying all the stuff on the hard drive and such. It seems to at least be able to read and write from the drive in some capacity.
right - but that is before windows start checking/running
I'll see if I can unlock that part of my BIOS. I was able to install Linux Mint without any problems so I now at least have an operating system base to work with. I'll try flashing a newer BIOS or something.
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This isn't so much a solution to the problem as a workaround.