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Atlanta: Cbeyond PRI vs Comcast PRI vs Metro-Ethernet

We are interested in getting new phone and internet service. Right now we have Cbeyond analog key system, with 6 phone line T1/EFM service (3-5mbps, depending on network load).

We plan on upgrading to a Shoretel PRI system, and the installer is recommending that we get a PRI service. Since any PRI will require a new install, what is best for us. Our main considerations are (in order):
1. Reliability
2. Speed
3. Cost
We need about 12-16 phone lines, and at least 3 mbps, ideally more.

Does anyone have any experience with Comcast PRI service, or Comcast/CenturyLink/other provider Metro Ethernet?
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PRI means the type of handoff between a router and the phone system and the negotiation.

The only thing I see right now is that your existing PBX is an analog one which means You have a BLOCK from which your PBX gets the lines.

i.e. Provider Connection <=> Router <=> LAN
                                                     |<=> Analog Line Block for the voice Key PBX

The change will alter the appearance
Provider Connection <=> Router <=> LAN
                                            |DSX <=> Shortel T1 port <=> VOICE LAN (new phones will be needed

Your fixed cost no matter who you choose is the phone system, dedicated POE switch and phones (ethernet connection will provide both network and power). or you can skip the dedicated PoE switch, but the phones will have to be close to a power source.
If you share a single switch for both Voice and Data depending on whether your switch is manageable and you can setup VLAN, QoS. you might experience voice related issue when the network traffic (voice and data) collide.
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Right, we will have a Poe switch and price, but I'm wondering if we should consider a Comcast pri or cbeyond pri? What about metro e service?
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