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DependencyProperty SetValue and GetValue couldnt detect in silverlight

It seems like the GetValue and SetValue (bolded below) couldn't detect even though after having readonly DependencyProperty

public bool TouchMove
            get { return (bool)GetValue(TouchMoveProperty); }
SetValue(TouchMoveProperty, value);

                if (value)
                    this.MoveChanged += new TransformHandler(TouchElement_MoveChanged);
                    this.MoveChanged -= new TransformHandler(TouchElement_MoveChanged);


        public static readonly DependencyProperty TouchMoveProperty =
           DependencyProperty.Register("TouchMove", typeof(bool), typeof(TouchElement), new PropertyMetadata(false));

        public delegate void TransformHandler(object sender, TransformEventArgs e);

        public event TransformHandler MoveChanged;

        void TouchElement_MoveChanged(object sender, TransformEventArgs e)
            var theMainWnd = Application.Current.RootVisual as MainPage;

            Storyboard myStoryboard = (Storyboard)(theMainWnd.FindName("TransformImage"));
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Not sure about your problem, but I can tell that get and set should contain only GetValue and SetValue. All other management shall be done through coercion methods declared on the DP metadata.
Some tutorial:
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found the answer from other forum