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VB.NET Multiple client/server application

Hi, I'm creating a very simple game that could be played online. A server would need to accept and send text data and client would need to receive data from and send to the server.

Basically something like this:
Client connects to the server and sends text message: CREATE_ROOM{user=test&roomname=test}

Server then says let's say SUCCESS{cmd=create_room&room_id=1&session=whatevermd5stringhere}

I have no idea how to make this work because everything I tried so far just did not work. Please help guys.

PS. There should be an option to send a command to all clients.

For example when one client creates a room and server accepts it, it should send a message to all clients eg: MULTIMSG{cmd=addroom&creator=usernamehere&session=whatevermd5stringhere}.
The client will interpret that message and add a room into the listbox.
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That's a tall order.  Can you show us your code?
Was there a question in there?
This question sound like "somebody please help me to develop my full application". This approach won't work here at EE.
My suggestion is: try to do it by yourself as much as possible. Whenever you find a blocker, post a new specific question and supporting source code. That will give you better results.
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I used this source code and tried to make it work like I need, but couldn't.
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Not really, I don't know much about socket programming.
I took a close look at the code and I could probably make everything work except sending data to all clients part.
Change the SendMessage() method in ConnectionInfo() from Private to Public.  Now you can use code like this:
Public Class ServerForm

    Private _Connections As New List(Of ConnectionInfo)

    Public Sub SendMessageToAll(ByVal msg As String)
        For Each connection As ConnectionInfo In _Connections
    End Sub

End Class

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