Windows xp format stuck on "installing network" 32 minutes left

Hello everyone

I got this acer laptop format stuck on "installing network" 32 minutes left to complete windows installation.

I'm starting to think that the hard drive is crapping out. It tried various different windows xp installations and always stay stuck at the same place.

Anyone have any ideas?

thanks very much for all the help.
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willcompConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Google "xp install 32 minutes" and you will find a lot of info. This one is the best answer I've found. It's a common problem. especially for repair installs.

I also agree that testing the hard disk is a good first step. Although it is seldom the cause.
_Connect With a Mentor Commented:
Sounds like the network adapter might be bad.

Go into the BIOS and disable the onboard network card, and see if it will finish the install.

If it does, then turn the onboard nic back on and see if you can install drivers for it.
If the drivers will not install, Windows can't see the nic, or it hangs the boot, disable again and get a addin nic.
rindiConnect With a Mentor Commented:
Test the HD using it's manufacturer's diagnostic utility. If it shows errors you'll know that it is bad. Also test your RAM using memtest86+. You'll find both tools on the UBCD:

Possibly also your installation media is bad, or the CD/DVD drive, so try using either another CD or another drive.
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ibanez7Author Commented:
Hello everyone

Here's what I did:
Went into BIOS and disabled the network adapter still stuck at 32 minutes.
Was going to test HDD but saw the next comment by "willcomp" and figured I'd try this out.

Solution was found on the link provided but a little differently that posted:

1. When you are stuck at 32 or 31 minutes, press shift + F10. A command prompt box should pop up saying "C:\windows\

at prompt type: cd system32
You will now be C:\windows\system32

2. At the prompt, type "taskmgr". The task manager window should pop up.

3. Click the "processes" tab

4. Find the process that is taking up all of the system resources (more than 90%) and click on it. Probably "spoolsv" or something to that effect

NOTE: Here I did NOT find anyting high except for setup.exe which I assume was the windows OS I was trying to install was at around 52,000k  and the highest svchost.exe file found was at around 19,000k. I then ended both of these processes.

5. Click "end process". At this point your hard drive should start working again, the windows progress bar should begin to move, and you will cross that hitherto uncrossable 31 minute barrier!

I rebooted the system and let the setup start again. [Did not boot from CD].

Windows is now back up and running.

Thanks very much to all for your help greatly appreciated!!!!
Will now go install the drivers and get this thing back up and running.
ibanez7Author Commented:
All good answers that helped to troubleshoot and find solution.

Final solution was to get into processes and disable in my opinion.

Thanks very much to all for their help!!!!
Good to hear.  Thanks for the feedback and the Points.     : )
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