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AXISHK asked
Under Power Management of HP iLO, there are several button. Any idea what are they use for ?

Momentary Press
Press and Hold
Cold Boot

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The last two are self explanatory.

The first two are setting for the power button in the front.  Single push vs press hold to restart.
• Momentary Press—This option simulates a momentary press of the power button. A momentary press
is usually sufficient to turn off a server that is currently on or to turn on a server that is currently off.
Depending on the host operating system, this option can gracefully shut down the operating system.
To use this option, select Momentary Press, and click Virtual Power.Using iLO 84

• Press and Hold—This option presses and holds the power button for six seconds, which is useful in
forcing the system to power off if the operating system is not responding to the momentary press.
This feature will not gracefully shut down the operating system.

• Cold Boot of system—This option turns the server off, then back on. To reboot the system, select Cold
Boot of system and then click Virtual Power. This action immediately removes power from the system.
The system will restart after approximately six seconds. This option is not displayed when the server
is off.

• Reset - This option automatically turns the server on when AC power is
restored if Yes is selected. AC power is applied when a UPS is activated after a power outage. The
server automatically powers on and begins the normal server booting process