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Roger Alcindor
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When windows 7 was released, Microsoft made avaulable a utility program to check if an existing Windows PC was compatible.
Is there a similar Microsoft utility for windows 8 ?
I'm not going to upgrade to Windows 8 but I may well install it as a virtual machine using VMWare Workstation. The PC is a Dell Precision M6600.

The Microsoft Windows 8 site offers an upgrade to windows 8 at a cost of £49.99 on DVD and also states that an OEM version is available if I wish to install from new but offers no information on the cost or how to get it.


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OEM is only available to Equipment Manufacturers, or with a PC purchased with Windows 8.0 pre-installed.

if you are installing in VMware Workstation 9.0, it's compatible and supported by VMwarew Workstation 9.0.

Check the VMware HCL (Hardware Compatability Lists) here

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) versions

Note: Physical-to-virtual hard drive migration of a Windows installation is a valid function for customers with Software Assurance and full retail copies of Windows XP, Windows Vista, and Windows 7. Software Assurance provides users valuable benefits—please contact Microsoft Corporation for further information. Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7 installed by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) using OEM versions of these products may not be transferred to a virtual hard drive in accordance with Microsoft licensing terms.

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Your system will run VMWare very well.    ... and Windows 8 installs fine on v8 or later [v9 has native support;  with v8 you simply select Windows 7 as the OS -- but it installs and runs perfectly].     You can run either the x32 or x64 version under VMWare -- I have both installed with a VMWare v8 host.

If you install ANY upgradeable OS [XP, Vista, or '7] in a VM, you can then use the inexpensive Windows 8 Pro downloadable upgrade and still do a clean install => it has to "see" the installed OS, but one of the installation options is to reformat the disk and save nothing from the old OS.    This works fine in a VM (one of mine was done this way) ... and it only costs $39.95.

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