Windows server 2008 Multi-homed DHCP Server not accepting DHCPDISCOVER on a specific network port

My setup is as follows:
Windows Server 2008 is my DHCP Server on a multi-homed network, one network is for my lab projects and its ip is, the other network is my home network of I had this working 6 months again until I brought it down for other reasions which I will not go into. Now I need to have that network back, so I recreated the network pool as follows:
IP Range:
Exclusions: - and -

I think Ive done everything except rebooting (since this is my DC) and even that is a last resort.

Any assistance you can give will be most appreciated.
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jschultz0614Connect With a Mentor Author Commented:
Apparently I needed to reboot. It appears to be working now :)

Thanks for the effort.
Is it activated?
jschultz0614Author Commented:
yup. for grins, I deactivated, reconciled the database and re activated it.
jschultz0614Author Commented:
self diagnostics - or basically PEBCAK
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