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Excel msg User-defined type not defined - but no VB code

I have an Excel spreadsheet with several tabs and vlookups.  It also, at one time, included a VBA macro which I used to populate columns on the spreadsheet.  The macro has been removed, and no macros remain.

However, whenever I change any cell on the spreadsheet, I get the "User-defined type not defined" error message, which is extremely annoying.

Why am I getting this error and how can I resolve it?\
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Martin Liss
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Can you upload the workbook?
Goto your VBA Editor by pressing ALT + F11
On your left, you will see your worksheets and modules (with macros if you have any left)
Right click on the problem worksheet and click 'View Code'
You should have code inside. If you do delete it. If you don't I highly suggest posting a sample workbook
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Further testing, as described above.