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Laptop Shuts down after 30 minutes

Hi,  We have a couple hundred new lenovo thinkpad edge laptops.
Several of these laptops are shutting down after about 30 minutes, without warning.  There are no errors in event viewer to indicate what the problem could be.  The machines are not hot so I'm guessing it's not a temerature issue? We have replaced the motherboards on some as well and the machines are STILL shutting down after about 30 minutes.  We have also checked the power settings.

Machine is plugged in. We are not running off battery.

OS is Windows 7 64 bit, if this helps...
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Are they truely powering off? or going in sleep mode.

I know you checked the power settings but it sure sounds like that is whats doing it.

What is Put the computer to sleep setting? try setting to NEVER if not already.

Are the idle at the time it shutdown? Or does it shutdown while someone is working on it?

I know you checked the event viewer but sometimes the messages are well hidden
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thank you.  we changed the power settings to 'never' go to sleep.  we have tried  working on the laptop and having it sit idle and it still powers  down completely.
Can you try if you had not already booting up in safe mode and see what happens

How many laptops does this happen on now?
Check the Lenovo AND the Windows power settings and see if they conflict.
How many are doing this?  Have you swapped RAM from a good one?  My guess is it's definitely a hardware issue and you'll have to separate out bad from the good; laptops and their HW.  Check the power adapters, RAM, HDDs, if you find nothing I would waste no time sending them back to your distributor.
Is it just going hard down, or does it go through a proper shutdown process?  When you power back up, does it resume from where it was, or start as cold boot?  Also, does it complain that it was shutdown improperly?  Last question - does it always happen, or randomly?  After exactly 30 minutes?
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Check what settings you have in the BIOS

Normally when temperature goes at some extent it has got option to set power off machine, generally all CPU have some idle temperature, but if by mistake these BIOS have been wrongly configured and having shutdown set at minimum temperature could cause this issue.

Have a check and let us know.
it shuts down hard and when it comes back up, i receive the message that it didn't shut down properly, etc...  
it will shut down again, after 30 minutes.
I will try swapping out everything you mentioned.  There are about 300 laptops and thus far this shut down has happened on about 5 of them.  Thanks for all the suggestions.  Will let you know.
Hey just to be careful, look for a bad power adapters first.  Don't void any type of warranty you may have with the supplier/distributor.  If 5 of them are bad, it's most likely a hardware issue and should be sent back.  Could waste a lot of your time as well, depending on your history with supplier/distributor at least (fast turn around time?).
Can't be power adapters.. if this is a hard down problem after 30 minutes..  If power was an issue, I believe it would auto-hibernate when the power got critically low.

Weird... did you check the event logs for any sort of BSOD type event?
you can always monitor the temperatures with speedfan, to be sure :      
are you sure there is no shutdown script running ?
Can you post the messages that you get?
which message are you referring to that I should post?  I'm running the laptop in safemode now.  Giving this a try.
this is what you posted before

it shuts down hard and when it comes back up, i receive the message that it didn't shut down properly, etc...  

Let me know what event id errors or message you see so I can research them for you.
Is it exactly 30 minutes every time? also it could be a short so try shaking it lightly and see if it shuts off then.
did you try speedfan yet?  any results?
i wasn't able to test the speedfan yet.  I did however replace the hard drive and swap out the memory.  am still getting the same results.  fyi, the service center we sent our laptop to actually replaced the 'thermal modul'.  is this the same thing?  at this point, i am going to try to see if lenovo can send us a brand new unit since it's all on warranty still.
thanks for all your help.
replacing it seems the most sinsible thing to do
Weird stuff!!

Question - when they replaced the hard drive, did you clone the contents of the original, or was it a completely fresh OS load?

If it's a hard down, then likely it's blue screening and shutting off, OR, the BIOS thinks the temperature has reached a critical point and shut off for safety reasons.

If you put a brand new disk in it with a factory installed OS, then I doubt this problem is software related at all.  It can't be.

If there are no events in the event log prior to the shutdown, then we don't have a lot to go on here.  Sometimes the machine BIOS actually has a log - I don't know if this one does, but you might check to see if the BIOS has any events logged (such as temperature issues).  

Do you have any externally connected devices when this happens?  Printers?  USB disks?  Anything?  If so, does this happen with nothing attached at all?

If you can get the Manufacturer to replace the whole unit, it might be easier than chasing this one down.  It seems pretty elusive.

About Speedfan, I doubt you will have much luck with it, since it's really touchy depending on what chipset you have, etc.  If this is a laptop, I doubt you will get much feedback out of speedfan since the motherboard is probably not supported.

2 cents..

 - Tim
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In my opinion, you're spending too much time diagnosing an issue you inherited from the seller/manufacturer.  Unless you have been loading an image you created from one of them and never tested all the laptops prior to plopping the image on them.

If you literally opened the box, fired up the laptops and start experiencing these issues, they are not your responsibility to fix.  The more you tear into them, the more you become liable for them.
its a harwware problem i do evry thing i take evry part of the laptop off
and i let it work on the bios setup
and it turns off after 30 min
ps: same on the windows or anywhere else turns off after 30 min
what the problem

please open your own thread