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Need to send email from an account without logging into it

I have outlook 2007 and need to send an email as if it was sent from another user. But I don't want to send it as... Send on behalf.

It's an admin needing to send it like her boss hit the send button.

We run exchange 2007
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So the recipients won't see sent on behalf of?
They wont be able to tell but i would suggest testing to your own personal email before going live with the email.
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so I added myself to the send as permission and full permission and when I sent a test email I got and undeliverable "You are not allowed to send this message because you are trying to send on behalf of another sender without permission to do so. "

you added yourself on the mailbox you are trying to send from, not your own?
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correct. Added myself to the users mailbox that the email need to be sent from.
another way it to just open up OWA.

Log into your account (one with full over other mailbox).

Click on your name in the upper right

Type in thier name in the mailbox section - Open

Then send the email from there email