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New Laptop cannot connect to the internet

Just setup a new SBS2011 server. Converted over all clients. They can connect to the internet. One user just got a new Laptop, not joined to the domain yet. But cannot connect to the internet wireless or wired, but can ping the internal network wired. I used my laptop which is not part of the domain and I can connect to the internet via the wireless network but when I plug into the ethernet cable I can't access the internet but can ping internal network. Need help ASAP. Can't understand what's happening.
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Have yoy tried disabling the windows firewall :-) On the laptop try running a tracert to it should run and tell you where your packets are failing.
DNS may not allow annonyms.  Can it resolve in a ping?
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Tried disabling firewall still no luck. Did tracert and it stops at the firewall. Could mac filtering be the issue
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are you authenticating to the domain? I presume you mean your network firewall where the tracert is stopping? if so, join the laptop to the domain as your firewall will be blocking non authenticated traffic
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Glad you figured it out :-)
I resolved the problem myself