Full mailbox access in Exchange 2010

I am completely stumped by an incident that recently happened and I'm hoping that someone can point me in the right direction for troubleshooting.

One of my execs recently asked that his assistant's access to his mailbox be temporarily removed.  After confirming that the assistant's full mailbox access was removed the assistant was still able to access her boss' mailbox.

If a person does not have full mailbox access to another person's mailbox how is the assistant still able to view the executive's mailbox?

Any steps in the right direction of troubleshooting is GREATLY appreciated.

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PostmasterConnect With a Mentor Commented:
The actual folder permissions on the exec mailbox.
On the Exchange Server make sure the full access permissions on his mailbox does not have her user account listed. Also it may be that on his Outlook on the inbox (not necessarily the mailbox) she might still have permissions?
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There are two ways to grant access one is on the exchange server through administrative settings, and the other is from within Outlook itself.  Depending on what version of Outlook you're using, you go into options and set a delegate who has access to your mailbox.  The Outlook access allows users to give access to thier mailbox without administrative involvement.
Be aware that Outlook 2010 caches attached mailbox data - the assistant might be reading this cached data. Check if the assistants view of mail is up-to-date.

Best to have the assistant remove the attached mailbox.

Also check individual folder permissions as described above.
jmerullaAuthor Commented:

We use Outlook 2007 to access mailboxes.  The assistant is not listed under the exec's mailbox in EMC for full access permissions.  Also MSExchDelegateListLink for the exec does not show anyone listed.  Is there somewhere else that I can check?
In Outlook 2007, if you log into the exec's computer, hit tools / options, the right most tab should be delegates, see if anything is listed in there.
Simon Butler (Sembee)ConsultantCommented:
Exchange permissions are cached. Therefore if you remove the permissions now, it can be two hours before they are fully reflected.
You can restart the information store service if you want the change to take effect immediately, but that will kick everyone out of Exchange.

The permissions could be granted in another way - to a group, or via Receive As permissions.

jmerullaAuthor Commented:
Logged in as the exec and checked Outlook.  The assistant had Editor permission to the exec's Inbox and that's how she was still able to view his emails.  Thanks!
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