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I have a user who whenver he plugs in his iPhone to sync it now tries to open images using Word (use to be windows pic viewer) and of course fails - how do we chnage the default program for viewing images in iTunes when syncing?

Its an iPhone 4 and I am not sure of the iTunes version
Win XP
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Just in case the link no longer works here is a pic and text.

1. Connect iPhone to PC

2. Open up My Computer.

3. Find the iPhone icon, right-click on it and click on Properties.

4. On the Properties window, click the Events tab.

5. Then in you specific case "Start this program" is pointing to Word.  Which needs to be changed.

Events Tab

First Method!

Click on Start Menu, (From Taskbar!)
Go to All Programs, and then click Set Program Access and Defaults.
Look For Windows Image Viewer & Select it as Default For Images!

Second Method!

Right-Click on any Image.jpeg/.png/.bmp File!
Select Properties.
Click on Opens with...
Change it to Windows Image Viewer!

sbsbatsAuthor Commented:
Mate its XP for a start.
And I have already set the images to open in Windows Fax viewer (tools - folder options - file types).
Its an iTunes setting not XP
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sbsbatsAuthor Commented:
Did you try running the Sync Diagnostics?

And other than that,
Again, Please Retry Through This Method!

Set Program Access & Defaults!
Selecting the Drop Down Arrow!
If Still Not Working! Just Go And Uncheck The Photo Sync & Apply!
 (Note: All iPhone Images will be Deleted!)

Then Recheck & Sync Back!

Oh! And Check what happens if you Right-Click your Device in iTunes!
And Images Specifically!

(Since I'm On Windows 7 Without an iPhone!)
sbsbatsAuthor Commented:
If I open an image from his PC it opens fine - its only when we plug in his iPhone to sync it so it can't be the OS.
Tried looking at Photo sync options but nothing there - tried unchecking sync - somewhere in iTunes is a file asscocaition setting - thats what I need to find.
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I think you need to change the properties of the iPhone when connected to your Windows XP computer.

This has nice pictures of what you want to be checking.

I have only given you that link so you can see the pictures obviously you have a different goal to the one in the article.

Now you can change this event so that Word does not open.
I've requested that this question be deleted for the following reason:

Not enough information to confirm an answer.
The questioner is asking how to change the action that happens when a device is added via usb to a computer with windows running.  

Specifically the issue is that currently someone has set the default action when an iphone is connected to open word.

Most of the answers above deal with what action or the association of file types with programs which whilst at first blush covers what the questioner is talking about, in this case it is not. The questioner also confirmed this in post 38711834.

 In my answer I have covered how to change the default actions with a link which has full picture and text steps as well as posting the image here as well.
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