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Autosave Macro

EE Professionals,

I'm looking for a little help on building out a small macro that autosaves a range to a desktop or file.  I have a WB/WS now that collects about 180 statements in 12 different sections that each have a range name.  What I am looking for is a macro that can be turned off and on (call it Auto-Save +),  that when a certain section is completed the macro will fire, save the range to a XLS WB with the name of the Range and outputted to a folder on the desktop.

Anyone seen something like that before?

Thanks in advance,

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Give it at go with this, and modify accordingly:

Private Sub Worksheet_Change(ByVal Target As Range)
    Application.EnableEvents = False
    If (Target.Address = "$A$1") Then
        Dim wbI As Workbook, wbO As Workbook
        Dim wsI As Worksheet, wsO As Worksheet
        ' Source/Input Workbook
        Set wbI = ThisWorkbook
        ' Set the relevant sheet from where you want to copy
        Set wsI = wbI.Sheets("Sheet1")
        ' Destination/Output Workbook
        Set wbO = Workbooks.Add
        With wbO
            ' Set the relevant sheet to where you want to paste
            Set wsO = wbO.Sheets("Sheet1")
            ' Save the file
            .SaveAs Filename:="C:\Book2.xls", FileFormat:=56
            ' Copy the range
            ' Paste it in say Cell A1. Change as applicable
            wsO.Range("A1").PasteSpecial Paste:=xlPasteValues, Operation:=xlNone, _
            SkipBlanks:=False, Transpose:=False
        End With
        Application.EnableEvents = True
    End Sub

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Trigger on change
Copy range to new workbook
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Thank you for the code.  Several key questions;

1.) Do I put this in a module, This Workbook or the Sheet that it is monitoring?  I think I put this in the sheet.
2.) Is the Target Address the trigger?  
3.) Do I put the trigger in for each copy range?   wsI.Range("A1:B10").Copy

The way I have this set up is that I have 180 statements in 12 Sections.  I'm thinking that I identify the first statement in a category and that drives the firing of the macro.  I'm thinking that as it saves, it just saves all completed sections so it's not creating new WBs on the desktop.

Am I thinking about this right?

Thank you,

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Here's what I've got.

1.) I see NewDoc.xls, not NewBook.xlsx; is that right?
2.) I installed the code and tested it.   Here's the challenge, I need to have the macro fire when specific cells are changed (e.g. C3, C19, C33, C46).  When the Macro fires, it needs to copy over the existing Workbook (no need to ask about 'are you sure.....').
3.) It's not storing the WB on the desktop.

Finally, is there a way to activate and de-activate the macro (i.e. I'd like to assign a button on the WS to turn on/off Auto Backup).

Much thanks,


Do you need anything from me on this?  I appreciate your help.

This solution did not work properly.  Last post was the 11 days ago.  I'm going to have to reissue the question with a clearer set of directions.

Thank you,