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SBS2003 Excange is not sending or recieving

Forgive the long description.
I have a customer who runs SBS2003 Server using Exchange, it was running perfectly untill we tried to make a change yesterday, the customer wanted the "email alerts" to work in companyweb. We were trying to get it to work and went into control panel, add remove WINDOWS components and removed the smtp tick box from under "application server - IIS" (because other post had said to make sure this was working).
This did not work and now emails go from outlook but dont reach the destination, we tried reinstalling IIS and SMTP, then Exchange SP2 but no incoming or outgoing emails.

I have noticed that if I go into Server Queues the "smtp mailbox store" is using X400 MTA, whereas before I thought it used something else?

As a side note companyweb does not look the same now and the links dont work 404 message,

We do not care now if companyweb ever works again but just wants the emails working !
Any ideas where to start?
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8/22/2022 - Mon
Alan Hardisty

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Alan, thank you for the fast response, we will attempt this over the Xmas break
Alan Hardisty

You are welcome - it is a common problem because the relation between Exchange and IIS isn't known to all, so you are not the first and won't be the last to have done this.

The Article should get you back and working again fairly quickly.  Shout if you get stuck anywhere.  I am never too far away!


Almost there, incoming and outgoing emails now working again (thanks) BUT OWA not working from inside or outside the building.
We get the OWA logon screen for user and password but then it goes to an error screen and on the page tab it says "Http 500 internal server error, https://mail.????.co.uk/exchweb/bin/auth/owaauth.dll"

Any further thoughts would be welcome as many users work remotely
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William Peck
Alan Hardisty

You should raise a separate question for the OWA issues as your original question is about mail not flowing in and out and if that is working, then the original question is solved.


Incoming and outgoing emails now working but OWA fails inside and outside, we get logon screen for user and password but then it goes to an error screen and on the page tab it says "Http 500 internal server error, accessing it from inside gets a 405 error