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Limitation on the maximum allowed VM's to be online together - ESXI

We have an ESXI server with 12 CPU and 64 GB of RAM with currently running on it 14 VM at the same time.

We have create a user to allow to all team to start the VM's whenever they want to work on it. Now we're facing an issue where more then 18 VM are started at the same time and the server become very slow (all resource are used) so i'm forced to connect and shutdown again some VM's

The thing is that we want to set a limitation on the user or other to allow only 10 VM's to be started/online together not more (maximum allowed VM's running together should be like 10). Once someone try to start the elevenths VM, he will not be able to do it unless he suspend or shutdown another VM.

Would this be possible to be applied?

The ESXI version used is 4.1 free license.
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Andrew Hancock (VMware vExpert PRO / EE Fellow/British Beekeeper)
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It's not possible.

Usually, you would have a server that has the resources to accommodate all your VMs, or scale out to another ESXi server.

Purchase a VMware vSphere Essentials license for approx $700, which will give licenses for three hosts with two processors each, and vCenter Server.

You can them manage all your VMs across two or three servers from a single management server.
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I did already purchase a license 5.1 and i have applied it on another server (we have 2 ESXI server). I will apply the license on the second server soon, but first i have to figure out if the above is applicable because it's becoming frustrating.
Have a look at Active Memory in the VMs, and try to reduce it across all the VMs, or insert more memory in the server.
what i want is an answer to my question is it possible or no? is it impossible?
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Let me check
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The solution I presented here should have given the author a good work around for his problem.