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I'm trying to look at some performance issues on my Netapp filer using the perfstat tool.  I've downloaded the Netapp support toolkit and i'm trying to run perfstat from that.  I enter the IP and login information for the perfstat tool but I get an "unable to connect to controller, check the account name or password" message.  I have looked online and I understand that I need to use the plink utility to store some security information in my local registry, see the link below.

However when I try and use the plink utility I also get access denied.  I am using the same root login credentials I use to login to the storage via Netapp system manager.
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What OS are you using to run perfstat?
Can you connect to the controller manually using SSH - e.g. with putty?

On Windows 2008 Server and Widows 7, you need to set up SSH public key authentication because they don't include RSH. You have 2 options:

Follow instructions in the openSSH_procedure.txt file that ships with perfstat.
How to setup SSH public key authentication on Windows using PuTTy


Sorry do delay in replying.  I'm trying to connect with Windows 7.  I cannot connect to the controller via putty.
If you can't even putty into the controller, then you possibly have networking issues. Can you putty from other computers?
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i can putty into other computers yes
That's good.

Can you putty FROM other computers TO your NetApp controller?


Sorry my previous statement was wrong, I can putty into the storage controllers.
So you can putty into the controllers from OTHER computers, but not from the computer where you trying to set up perfstat - correct?


closing this question, as no longer required. thanks for the help offered so far.

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