Blue Screen of Death

David Camilleri
David Camilleri used Ask the Experts™
I am having the errors on my PC.  See attached photo.
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Thomas GrassiSystems Administrator

OK BSOD usually Hardware but sometimes software can cause it.
SO we start with the hardware.
Run system DIAG on your computer

Check the memory and the hard drive.

What type of computer is this?

Has any thing changed lately?

read this
Please attach the .dmp file to a post here.

You can find its location by running sysdm.cpl
Go to the Advanced tab
Click the Settings button in the Startup and Recovery section.
The path to the .dmp file[s] is shown towards the bottom of the dialog that opens.
It's typically "%SystemRoot%\Minidump" but someone may have changed it.
You can drag across it with a mouse click and copy it to the clipboard.

Click Attach File next to the paperclip below the Post a Comment box, the click the Browse button. Paste in the path from the clipboard into the bread crumb location bar at the top
e.g.Browse to Minidump file and Attachand press Enter.

If there are numerous files there, just select the latest one for now (they should have the date and time in the filenames). After selecting the file you still have to click the Attach button, when you return to this page, to actually upload it.


Thank you all for your help.

Attached please find a

1) chart showing the partition which I am having problems with
2) Dump file

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post the dmp file instead, please
find it in windows\minidumps
Actually, the path to it is C:\Windows\Minidump\
Which, if you put %SystemRoot%\minidump in the location bar and hit Enter as I posted previously, is where you would end up.
According to the txt file posted, the name of that one is 122612-46691-01.dmp


Attached please find zip file of 4 dump files which I found in the folder as requested.
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they point to IMAGE_NAME:  PCIIDEX.SYS
Pciidex.sys with description PCI IDE Bus Driver Extension is a driver file from company Microsoft Corporation belonging to product Microsoft® Windows® Operating System

so you can try a repair install

but it may also come from bad ram - so running memtest86+ from is a good idea also


It seems that Acronis could be the culprit by not updated certain drivers. Keep you informed.
Top Expert 2013

>>  It seems that Acronis could be the culprit   <<  how did you come to that conclusion?  did you install it lately perhaps?


Yes, Acronis was installed lately and the hard disk in question seems to be the problem because is failing the surface tests.
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tx for feedback

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