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Cannot start Windows 7

Unfortunately, I installed Windows 8 (paralell to Windows 7, i. e. all files for Windows 7 were kept) but decided not to keep it. Afte having removed Windows 8 I can't start Windows 7.
I experimented with installing Linux and could start Windows 7 using Grub. Now I have also uninstalled Linux. Windows 7 can't be started.
What can I do to get Windows 7 back?
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Imal Upalakshitha
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first, boot computer with windows 7 DVD & select repair option. it will detect old installation & will correct boot configuration
at what stage it's stopping...

if it's not booting then the boot.ini could be the couse

repair it.. with windows 7 ERD

all the best
Sounds like the partitions have really gotten messed up. I suggest booting from the Win7 cd and running a repair.

If that doesn't work, I suggest bacing up your data. Your ultimate process may be a format and install, but that would be my last process unless you don't have anything important to lose.
I would start from scratch.

Fresh install of windows 7 and full format NTFS the drive.

Best way to make sure nothing is left behind from other OS
Yes, I agree, but he may other factors that stop that from happening right away. Clean install has always been my #1 choice.
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Thanks for your suggestions.
 With a clean install there's a lot of job necessary to reinstall all programs, isn't there? Is there a method to reinstall (repair?) Windows 7 without the necessity to reinstall all programs?
try this :            repair windows 7
Yes after you build a computer and are finished installing all applications
Your next strp would be to clone the hard drive.
Then all you need to do is re image your new drive and are backup and running in a short time.

Acronis is a great prodcut to use for this process check it out.

Sometimes we just have to bit the bullet and start over.
if you want to image the installation, no need for money for Acronis; i use the free Paragon software, it works fast and easy - and FREE :
try to recover existing install as suggestions. if not success you can fresh install Windows 7, it will ask you to rename exist windows installation as is ok, install windows 7
you are missing only boot information for existing installation. after new installation completes you can rename new installation  -  windows, program files, program data, users  folders to other name & cut paste your old installation - windows, program files, program data, users  folders folders to root of system ( C: ) drive.
then your old installation will boot without any issue.
backup your files recommended
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Imal Upalakshitha
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Thanks. Easy and perfect solution.