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Opening Pinnacle Studio HD 14 files pulled off bad hard drive

Hi Experts,

I replaced a hard drive on a laptop, installed Windows 7 x64 and pulled all the data off the bad hard drive (had quite a few bad sectors and was freezing up periodically).
The reinstallation of windows and all the software went fine, had no troubles or errors installing anything, including Pinnacle Studio HD v14.
I've updated windows 100% and updated Pinnacle.

My problem is...
Some of the Pinnacle project files I've restored from the bad hard drive open without issue but some of them have trouble opening and most often don't open and don't have all the content they originally did.  When they don't open, Pinnacle hangs at the opening file screen and I have to kill the process to get it to close.

I don't have a good backup of the files that don't open sometimes.

I've restored all the files to their original location and recreated the user with the same exact username so that the path's are the same as with the old hard drive.  No errors or problems copying any of the data off the bad hard drive.

The laptop apparently opened those pinnacle files ok prior to replacing the bad hard drive.

I've tried recopying the files again with the same results.

I'm wondering if I'm dealing with data corruption or if there is something I"m missing about restoring these pinnacle files.

I appreciate any input.
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Put the old bad drive back into the laptop and boot into your old windows installation. Then open those files which you couldn't open using the new installation, and if they open try saving them to another location, like a location on the LAN, or to an HD attached to a USB port.

After that try opening those newly saved files using your new installation.

If that doesn't work, use the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utility to scan the bad drive. It should find errors and if you are lucky, may offer to repair them. Allow it to do that. After that run a chkdsk /x on the drive letters of that disk. When done, try copying the files and opening them again. You'll find the HD manufacturer's diagnostic utilities on the UBCD:

If that doesn't help either, try regenerating the disk using the HDD Regenerator. It is a very good tool and has often revived a bad disk enough to recover the data on it, but it isn't free:
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Thanks Merete and rindi for the suggestions.
I booted the old hard drive to find that the version I was dealing with was version 15 on the old hard drive and version 14 on the new one.  So the client I was working with gave me the an older version of the software - probably why I can't open it.  I'll be upgrading to version 15 and seeing if I can open the trouble project file - if still no luck I made an archive of the project using the link you sent Merete and will try that.  I'll let you know what happens.
Thank you
Sounds right, if any files are missing it wont open since it's still in the project stages.
Look forward to your updates
Hi Experts - i haven't heard from the client in regards to whether he was able to get this resolved - i'm checking now and will post when I have an update.  Sorry for the wait...
Hello  thecomputerplace, I would believe that his problem is now so outdated it's no longer relevant.
However it's worth noting that from my own experience all files from any project ( unsaved un-finalised video project) requires all the original files be intact and in the same place in order to load the project, that stands without question.
The fact is the bad hard drive (had quite a few bad sectors and was freezing up periodically).
Unrecoverable I dare say and those projects because they were not saved and finalised will now be dead unable to repair unless he could find the exact same photos fils.
It's possible to manually restore them since when the project is loaded it should state missing image name or file name manually navigate to this file.
Otherwise he'll have to start again and delete these.
He could buy get data back  or similar tool which my or may not be able to scan the damaged sectors but is it worth it?
This resolved the issue - client was able to restore from the archive I created with the old hard drive installed.  Thanks for the assistance!
Thank you very much thecomputerplace, I'm actually happy for him, he was lucky to get them back.
We were glad this turned out well in the end also :)