Help with infopath 2010 and sharepoint 2010

I'm trying to create a helpdesk form which i've got completed so far and published to sharepoint using infopath designer 2010.   I have the submit button created that sends the form to the library and then closes the form when the fields are entered.

This is what I need help with or even if it’s possible.  I want that button to also automatically create a SharePoint alert to that single form that was created when they clicked on submit.

For instances if a user needs help with a computer issue they fill out the form click submit and then it would create an alert for that specific form to their account and they would receive email alerts when any field or comments are added, modified or changed.

Any advice is appreciated or point me in the right direction..
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Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
You would want to create the alert part using SharePoint Designer and a List workflow.

You can easily base an email action off any field that you have within infopath... for instance:

the workflow can be triggered to send an email to the "Technician Assigned"

Then a workflow can be triggered if a "new comment" is added... so on and so forth
Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
here is a nice simple example of the "send email action" he goes into detail about variables, but I just wanted to show you the "send email action"
thomasdavisAuthor Commented:
So you would create a workflow tied to the "created by" field in order for the user that created the so called ticket to receive emails on anything modified to it? hopefully that makes sense.
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Justin ImesFull Time SharePoint JediCommented:
Yes that is correct... if you would like the email to be sent after every modification...
Use the Send Email Action, click on "These users" in the TO: field, select Workflow Lookup for a User, then select "created by"

make sure in the workflow settings you switch it from manually to "Start workflow automatically when an item is changed"
thomasdavisAuthor Commented:
What do i enter for the first step so it works for all modifications to the form?  Does this look right?
Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
Close, you don't even need step 1... you don't need a condition if all you want to do is send an email alert after each modification...

All you would need is the send email action (your email template looks good)
Then I would suggest adding a "stop workflow"

also don't forget about the workflow settings... make sure you change it to "Start workflow automatically when an item is changed"
Justin ImesConnect With a Mentor Full Time SharePoint JediCommented:
The if/then condition would come in handy if your helpdesk list called for it.... for example:

if you had a helpdesk item called status and only wanted to alert the user when the status is set to Completed or Pending... then you would use the condition...

If Status equals Pending
then send email

does that make sense?
thomasdavisAuthor Commented:
Awesome., thanks for your help. It works like a charm.
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