Specify next hop on a DD-wrt router

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I’m trying to setup a second subnet that will have internet access and be accessible from the outside via RDP.

I have the following:

Cable modem >>>>>> Linksys E1500 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> WAN port of  WRT-54G
            DD-WRT (Sp2)                           DD-wrt (V24-SP1)

If I leave the WRT-54G set to Gateway mode I can get to the internet but nothing from outside (RDP) can get in.  I changed the mode to router on the WRT and set it to a fixed IP:


Dropped the firewall on both routers.  What I don’t understand is how to specify the next hop for the WRT-54G.  I can’t get on the net in router mode only Gateway mode.  I can’t ping from (just some workstation).

In the E1500 I have created a route that looks like:

Destination LAN Net
Subnet mask

I’ve tried to follow the instructions in http://www.dd-wrt.com/wiki/index.php/Linking_Subnets_with_Static_Routes but just can’t get communication with the WRT-54G in router mode.

So the question:  How do I tell to use as its next hop?
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Those ports are on the same device? draw a picture if you can.


Does this attachment help?
You are running a double NAT from systems behind Router2.

NAT will be performed traversing Router2.  LAN -> WAN direction.

WAN->LAN will be blocked by default.

Now you can probably ping from router 2 to anything in your LAN 1 but not the  other way and you won't be able to by design.
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I'm a little confused.  Router2 is set to router not Gateway which I thought dropped NAT?

I can't ping anything on the router 1 LAN from the router 2 LAN.

No way to unblock the WAN->LAN will be blocked by default?
That implies that the 192.168.2 subnet is completed isolated.

As long as you have double NAT in those low end routers, no.

The only exception is dmz setting but that applies to only a single IP behind each router.

Base on your drawing, computers in your LAN2 side takes IP address 192.168.2.x with default gateway

The default gateway for router2 on the Router2 itself is

In this case, packets going from LAN2 to LAN1 will be NATed and if you were to capture the packets, you will see that by the time the packets leaves router2, its source IP has been changed to


Not sure what 8 hours of sleep did but when I set it up again exactly as stated I can ping both ways and get to the Vlan from the outside with RDP.

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