Encore CS5 Failed to initialize QuickTime - none of previous advice worked

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Encore CS5 Failed to initialize QuickTime, the question was asked before but in a different context.

Current Context:
OS:  Windows 7 64 bit
Adobe Encore (CS5) : Version
Quick Time: Version 7.7.3

Uninstalled Quick Time; re-installed Quick Time - did not solve the problem
Stopped the Windows Defender Service - did not solve the problem
Reverted to System State before Windows Updates (a day when I did not have the problem) - did not solve the problem
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Hi  campinam
your comment about Encore CS5 failed to initialize QuickTime makes no sense to me, could you clarify what your doing.
What it looks like to us here at EE that you are using Encore to open QuickTime?

I don't have Encore but I do have Power Director and Pinnacle and Sony Vegas and none of these initialize QuickTime anytime even when using the mpeg4?
The only time QuicktTme maybe called into use is after you export your project to mpeg4 then run the file in QuickTime to test playback.


Not in Encore. Encore initializes QuickTime at start.


I'm sorry if my question it is not clear.  The question regarding this error was asked before on EE, http://www.experts-exchange.com/Web_Development/Software/Adobe_Creative_Suite/Q_26899404.html.

I read the answers and tried all the suggestion and they did not help. Are there any other solutions?
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Thanks still not quite clear, I'm pedantic,
do you mean
Encore initializes Quicktime when you run Encore?
Or Quicktime also starts up when you run Encore?
that is the opposite to your question>Encore CS5 Failed to initialize QuickTime

If this be case then we need to look to windows as something is causing Quicktime run
when you open Encore and then it has a problem, I'll go on that till you get back to me..
Please remember I do not have encore so will work from your details.
Do you have the Adobe suite?
Which is? version 5?
That in itself may be a cause of concern if your version of Adobe is outdated and you use the latest version of Quicktime, possibly.
Is Quicktime plugins part of the Adobe Suite?

To fill in some details for myself>>
I read this and gives me an understanding of your situation/ it is not exactly the same issue but does give a core understanding about how Adobe works with QT as a starter, what I'm trying to find is a common denominator to work from.
So I'll share my thoughts with you as a process of elimination.
Read here first
Encore & QuickTime
Extract from there is two points>
PPro and Encore do not NEED Quicktime as long as you don't try and use any of the QT codecs
This behavior is designed.  If you have an Encore project with .movs in it and no QuickTime, you used to crash.
My thoughts, It seems that QT is required  with the Adobe Suite.
Quote from another source.
Those components are separate (necessary) processes that are part of the Adobe suite.  Adobe QT32 Server, in particular, is required for anything Quicktime related - since Apple hasn't upgraded Quicktime to 64 bit, we were forced to put Quicktime support routines in a 32 bit process.  Meanwhile, Premiere runs in a 64 bit native process.

 In order for these processes to communicate with each other, they rely on TCP IP internally, communicating through 'localhost', which is your local machine.

since Apple hasn't upgraded Quicktime to 64 bit, we were forced to put Quicktime support routines in a 32 bit process.<<<<<key
Check if you have QT in program files x86 as well as program files.?
Make sure the source and destination match your installment of Adobe.

And this one holds another key even though it is dissimilar from your situation it holds an idea of how deep these core dills can be.
Missing MSVCR71.dll Error Message During Launch
Whenever we install and uninstall any software in any windows versions
 it leaves hooks, in order to fully clean out the problem the hooks must also be removed in a sequence.
Clean installation of Win7 x64 is the final step but would solve it all.
but considering what is at stake you'd need to ensure that all the temp files/folders associated with Encore/adobe suite and QuickTime including any dependents and services are also removed.
Use this to troubleshoot your Encore. Or disregard if you like, it's there to see if you can help find a commonolgy.
>Troubleshooting After Effects (all versions)
here I read the after comments
One seems to point to>> Finally dumped my Avid codecs, and everything works

Your thoughts details please.
In the meantime I'll read my sources for more keys.

Regrads Merete


Encore CS5 Failed to initialize QuickTime it is the error message I get when I start Encore.  
I do have CS5 Premium Full on one system and CS6 Standard on another (I did not try Encore in CS6 yet).  
After I click OK I can work in Encore.
I have only one QuickTime installed and it is the 32-bit version.
I did uninstall QuickTime but I will try again and try to hunt down all possible hooks.  It will be later today when I will get access to the system.  I will post all that I did and the results.
Hi any progress?


I am sorry for being so unresponsive.  The user that uses that computer is working on a big production for one of our events.  I was not able to touch the computer for two weeks by now.  This Friday she said it will be available for me to work on it.
Thankyou campinam, hope all goes well.
Come back if you have problems
Regards Merete

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