server 2008 r2 connector

We got a NAS with storage server 2008 r2 essentials integrated.
Is there a reason/advantage to use the connector program or the web gui at all?

WD Sentinel DX4000

I've just been using windows file sharing and domain permissions.
DCC JaxAsked:
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DCC JaxAuthor Commented:
only thru web gui can you change domain membership.

also backup scheduling with the connector program is set in the web GUI (which is really just an RDP session itself.)
The hardware configuration (RAID configuration and so on) is probably done through the specialized app.
SHBStorage Network SpecialistCommented:
Are you using CLI to allocate space, create share etc..??
DCC JaxAuthor Commented:
true about the RAID config.
haven't found much other reason to use web GUI
been doing everything thru RDP, windows explorer, etc.
DCC JaxAuthor Commented:
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