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I used connect to shares over the network, now I am getting Network connection Error every time I try to connect to the shares I used to connect all the time.

I checked my network connection and its connected.
I checked with other users and they can connect.

Any ideas and suggestions will be appreciated!!!

Thank you!
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Can you provide the error message details?

Has anything changed as far as your settings recently such as IP address or DNS?  Are you using DHCP for your network or are the adapters assigned statically?  

Are these shares mapped as network drives or connected at logon?  If so, may be the network service is not initializing in time for the connection to take place.


no nothing changed

not mapped, just when I browse to them.

I get windows can not get to the \\xxxxx\xxxxx\xxxxx
ok can you try pinging the host that has the share?  You mentioned other users can connect fine, do you have any other connectivity issues such as internet access?

There should be more to that error message such as network path not found or access denied.
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yes i can ping it.
ok so as far as the error message, can you post the rest of the message or even a screenshot?  It should say something like I indicated above.


Here is a snap shot:
Ok great, you'll need to click on "See Details" at the bottom so it can give you more info on why it can't connect.


Another image attached:
Ok so we know the path is not found.  strange that others can see and you can ping it.

Are your network adapter settings assigned by DHCP or Static?  If DHCP, you can try opening up a command prompt window and typing ipconfig /renew to make sure it gets the right IP and DNS.

If it is static, then compare your settings to a computer that can still see the share.

Lastly, check your hosts file in windows (C:\Windows\System32\Drivers\Etc\HOSTS) you'll have to open notepad as administrator and go to file > open, and select for it to open all files instead of Txt files.  Then go to the path above and open the HOSTS file, is there anything in ther for Server_01?  If not, that is good, but if so, verify that it matches the right IP address that you pinged earlier.

If none of that works, you might run a full virus/malware scan to make sure none of your network settings were hijacked.

I will check back tomorrow to see if you need further help, signing off for the evening.
Please check for the server master Browser is started in services.
Can you connect if you use the IP address? Like so:


If you can, then there's a problem with DNS.


The problem was from the the firewall blocking it.
Just disable the firewall and will work just fine.


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Thank you all for the help and support.


Thank you for your help and support!!!!

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