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how do i decrease the file size for my exchange server?

currently exchange files are incredibly large and I am looking for a way to shrink them down. For example:

priv1.edb 44,227,848 kb
priv1.stm   7,667,720 kb
pub1.edb        32,776 kb
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which exchange version you are using but

you can use Eseutils tool to defragyour database. thiswilldefrage your database. & removethe white space from you database file

For exchange 2000 & 2003

for 2007

for 2010

Wait a minute .... your DB is just approx 50Gb for the mailbox database (Priv files)
priv1.edb 44,227,848 kb
priv1.stm   7,667,720 kb

1. First thing to know is what is the white space ? - Check for event 1221 in Event viewer
2. Do we have 110% free space on the drives ? - reason Offline defrag requires 110% additional space
3. Is this Std or Ent ? Are you crunch on space or you just want to reduce ? (Reason i ask is if there is white space it can be utilized by new emails\data)
4. Offline defrag would mean 13hrs for Defrag and approx 6hrs for Isinteg

- Rancy
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Sure u can defrag but firstly, u have to bring exchange down for the defragmentation period, which i think u dont want to. Secondly, its not sure a defrag will shrink the files to the real size of the edb and stm files.

I would rather suggest, In stead of defrag to create new exchange store on the same disk (if u have enough diskspace ofcourse) and move all users to the new one and get rid of the old one, u dont have to bring exchane down for this so it is transparrent to users and u also can get rid of stm big file( defrag wont)

Let me know what u think.

BTW, To prevent this from happening in the futur, when deleting users from ur system (when they leave the company or somethin like that..) u should 'purge' users mailboxs before deleting them.
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rancy: 1.) about 400 1221 in the event viewer
           2.) the data is on a 70GB drive so I dont have 110% space for this
           3.) the OS is windows standard exchange in ent. Crunched for space and want to reduce

looking for the most recent 1221 (Details)
You can use some network share and redirect the Offline Defrag just for this purpose
If Exchange is Ent ... and we have some additional space we can simply create a new DB and move mailboxes across

- Rancy
1221 details:
Source: MSExchangeIS Public Store
Category: General
Event ID: 1221
Type: Information

The database "First Storage Group\Public Folder Store (EXCHANGE)" has 13 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.

So I can?:
Create a new Storage Group (on same or different drive)
Transer all the mailboxes
then delete the 1st storage group
This event is for PF DB i would like to check for MailboxDB

You can create a DB in the same Storage Group and Move mailboxes and simply dismount the Mailbox DB and delete the EDB and STM file and then Remount and work

If still doubts do let me know (No deleting SG)

- Rancy
Source: MSExchangeIS Mailbox Store
Category: general
Type: Information
Event: 1221

The database "First Storage Group\Mailbox Store (EXCHANGE)" has 4 megabytes of free space after online defragmentation has terminated.
Strange 4MB .... anyways we can check total white space with (eseutil /ms) but that requires the DB down and runs at 4-5GB per\hr so hard to get that in

- Rancy
Created the 2nd db @ F:\2ndmailstore moved mailboxes to it. The following mailboxes did & did not migrate
System Attendant : didnot
SMTP & SystemMailbox: Have a copy on both db's. The original 1st Mailstore is dismounted and located at E:\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb

I executed E:\Exchsrvr\bin\eseutil /ms E:\Exchsrvr\mdbdata\priv1.edb and got the following data:

operation completed successfully in 10.0 seconds. there is a totaled totaled count at the end IDK what it represents but the total was: 3427479
This is about 3.2GB

So once you move all mailboxes from DB1 to newDB you have to dismount remove the DB files and mount it back

- Rancy
ok dismounted deleting the priv1.edb

do I also remove the following:
priv1.stm - Just this

Hope we are Moving them or have a copy or there was no data in it (I mean live mailboxes)

- Rancy
the only mailboxes in there were the following:

* System Attendant
* SystemMailbox:
I need either the SA mailbox moved or just the blank DB so that mailbox is working ..... moving is a bit of headache so want to work the smooth way

- Rancy
SH** already started the move. can I also move the log files older than 30 days?
ok statrted the mount and get an error: included graphic
so it remounted without issue.
yes. So do I now move the mailboxes back & delete the temporary db?
Depends if you want to do that what is the new DB size ?  Would that fit on that space (Drive)

- Rancy

I'm going to:
1. dismount the store
2. stop exchange services
3. defrag the database
4. check integrity
5. create new db and move the mailboxes
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Manpreet SIngh Khatra
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